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How do you measure success?  All too often, organizations struggle to explain their impact in a way that resonates with community, staff, and funders. Tiny Panther will work with your team to engage your staff and community in participatory research to answer the hard questions: How do you know that you’re doing a good job? How do you justify your existence to funders? How can you get the most mileage out of the data you're collecting? We demystify data analysis, facilitate illuminating conversations, and help you conduct inclusive strategic planning and assessment.

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Open Data. Data Analysis. Data Driven. If the buzzwords of late-stage capitalism are getting you down, Tiny Panther offers fun hands-on workshops that demystify data and empower you to use data to question, advocate, collaborate and change the world.  One-day workshops targeting non-profit and municipal leaders, library workers, and/or community rabble-rousers, can be scheduled at your workplace or in your neighborhood.

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Library Services


Tiny Panther Consulting offers coaching and strategic services to facilitate access and improve understanding of data for libraries and patrons.  

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“Tiny Panther's process ensured that we heard the voices of our clients, colleagues, and leaders. The end result was a game-changing shift in how we will see, collect, analyze, and share data to help sustain the work of over 600 community groups across the city.”

sabina Saragoussi  |  director, NYC Partnerships For Parks



Who Is Tiny Panther?


Julia Marden is a data librarian, community builder, and activist with a decade of experience working at the intersection of civic technology, education, and community engagement. With her firm, Tiny Panther Consulting, she brings data librarian services to the public, teaching data literacy workshops and helping progressive organizations collect and analyze data with the communities they serve. Julia commutes around NYC on a glitter purple bicycle, on a quest to demystify data and upset the balance of power in data-driven research.



Collaborators, Advisors, and Good Humans

Tasia Jelatis-Hoke is a master problem-solver and community organizer. She was a founding member of the credit building and money saving start-up “Alice Financial” out of the Robinhood Foundation. She has led evaluation initiatives for Citi Bike, Lighthouse mission, and Partnerships for Parks. She is trained in facilitation and consensus-based decision-making. Tasia has a Masters in Public Health from Hunter College, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Macalester College.

Alexis Sypek contributes to Tiny Panther projects as a User Experience Researcher. Alexis’ experience has centered around un-complicating complex systems, products, and content through human-centered design and robust research methodologies. She is a deep believer in the power of data-driven research to push ideas towards experiences that are as delightful and nuanced as the humans that interact with them.

David William is an artist, designer, art director, and co-founder of Dutchess & the Queen design studio and art consultancy. David named our company, designed our logo and business cards, added some pizzazz to our presentation deck, and helped build the website you're looking at this very moment!



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