Community Metrics


Partnerships for Parks (PfP) needed a way to measure their success.  With two overseeing organizations, (NYC Parks and the City Park Foundation,) and more than 600 community partner groups advocating for 2000+ parks, it's not easy to trace the impact of a particular program or initiative. But that kind of data is exactly what funders need.   


Using an approach grounded in equity and collaboration, Tiny Panther worked with PfP to establish metrics and develop a plan for evaluation. PfP is now tracking the different types of groups organizing in NYC Parks and their many differing goals, from building dog parks, to renovating playgrounds, to protecting green spaces, to revitalizing neighborhood communities.  This data goes beyond surface statistics, to help funders, City officials, and community leaders gain a deeper understanding of the social network of people working to sustain healthy, thriving parks. 

PfP's new data plan is now squarely aligned with their mission: to support New Yorkers working to transform their neighborhood parks into dynamic community spaces. 


Sharing Knowledge


New York City's CS4All initiative has an ambitious ten-year mission: to make sure every NYC public school student gets meaningful instruction in computer science by the time they graduate. But in order to integrate computer science into the largest school system in the country, thousands of teachers need to be trained.


Over a two year pilot program in collaboration with CS4All, I assembled a research team of almost 50 teachers representing elementary, middle and high schools across all five boroughs. Together we identified innovative approaches to classroom instruction, worked with a film crew to create videos which demonstrated emerging practices in CS education, and assembled resources that teachers can download and adapt for their classrooms.

These days, think tanks, policy makers, and Silicon Valley business leaders are all debating the best way to train the next generation of programmers.  But here in NYC, we're elevating the expertise of our teachers. Check out their innovative classrooms and teaching methods at the CS4All Blueprinthere.


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